sears bldgWe are lucky in New Denver to still have lots of historic buildings. There were some severe forest fires here in the past, but the townsite was mostly spared. And we are also lucky to still have a good selection of shops and services; between New Denver and Silverton we have:

  • a full service Hospital, 24/7 Emergency and a heli-pad
  • K-12 school and Post Office
  • ADSL internet and cell phone service
  • 2 Grocery Stores, Natural Food Store and 2 Gas Stations
  • Credit Union with ATM
  • 9-hole Golf Course, Campground, and and boat launch
  • Liquor Store
  • Building Supplies (with propane) in Silverton

So it’s convenient to live here as well as visit. Many people live here without cars because the town is very level for walking. So if you are planning to visit here, it’s nice to know most of your needs can be met for an extended stay.